A4 ‘two in one’ Scottish Golf and Scottish Landscape Wall Calendar 2023


A totally unique A4 wall calendar for 2023 (the very first ‘two in one’ model ever to be published?) finds Donald getting extremely excited, as it’s now in stock.

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From front to back, the new calendar for 2023 features thirteen of Donald’s beautiful Scottish landscape photographs.

Turn the calendar around and – from back to front – thirteen of his hugely popular Scottish golf course images will be on view from month to month.

In this unique departure from the usual standard design, either of the two genres can thus be selected for display.

Whether the viewer’s preference, therefore, is Scotland’s magnificent landscape or its glorious, legendary golf courses, the new calendar will joyfully fulfil its duties – in the kitchen, on the study wall or in the hall. The presence of daily boxes on every page will allow appointments, reminders or meetings to be recorded day by day.


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