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“The Carnoustie Story”, published by Donald Ford in 2006, chronicled the remarkable tale of the evolution of this country’s toughest links golf course, together with the establishment of a community around it over nearly 500 years.


The Carnoustie DVD brings “The Carnoustie Story” to life in a spellbinding and emotional two hour film. The origins of golf and the birth of the town, the background of the creation of the golf courses and their development from the sixteenth century onwards feature in black and white photographs with background commentary. Film footage from the Open Championships at Carnoustie in 1931, 1937, 1953, 1968, 1975 and 1999 reveal all the drama for which Carnoustie has become renowned. Stunning camera shots from all around the links and shoreline,this modest little Angus town itself and surrounding towns, villages and countryside - together with Donald Ford’s wonderful still photography which lit up the book - are uniquely captured 

in this long-overdue film about the ascendancy of a seaside golf course to the level of “the world’s hardest links”.


Interviews with key people involved - particularly in the twenty-odd year period when the course fell from grace, then was resurrected through the determination and persistence of the local golfing community - are all key elements of the story and are recounted with pride and passion.  Some of the loveliest corners of Angus, which in their scenic beauty perfectly complement Carnoustie’s golfing heritage, feature in an additional chapter which takes the viewer on a film tour of the county.


The production comes as a three-part set: - a) the Carnoustie DVD is the 120 minute film of the whole enchanting story – from the very first “green shoots” on the links right up to the present day; b) Carnoustie Golf Links professional Colin Sinclair is filmed as he attempts to repeat the legendary skills of Ben Hogan from the 1953 Open at the long 6th. Then he takes the viewer to the 14th tee, describing in detail, shot by shot, how best to attempt to cope with the closing stretch of “the hardest finish in Open Golf; c) a CD of the musical tracks written specially for the film of “The Carnoustie Story”.


Beautifully edited and directed by Simon Golding, now recognised as one of the United Kingdom's most up-and-coming sporting film directors, the Carnoustie DVD is a magnificent tribute to the community and its unsurpassed golfing links; it also recognises the enormous energies and enthusiasm of many of the characters in this little Angus town over some five hundred years. For the true golf enthusiast, it is the essential companion to the book of "The Carnoustie Story".

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