Three flower cards
Donald Ford

Donald Ford

Floral Greetings Cards

With an air of optimism beginning to make its presence felt, this photographer is adding a splendid new selection of images to his unique (now enormous!) portfolio of Scottish landscape and golf course pictures. With strict measures in place while Covid 19 slammed doors on any further adventures around Scotland with his camera, Donald switched his attention to the mass of colour around the lovely garden which he and his wife Carol have created in their Carnoustie home.

The end product of his latest photographic collection is, therefore, a beautiful stock of floral greeting cards, featuring many of the glorious plants and shrubs (plus a few visiting creatures!) which have lit up their seaside garden over this latest trying time in our lives.

The stock of A6-sized cards are presented to website visitors features many well-known, gorgeously coloured border favourites, annual flowering shrubs – and a few captured from around the much visited county of Angus. They are perfect for ‘thank you’ notes, birthday wishes, pen pal catch-ups…or simple acknowledgements of friendship built up over years.

Crocus, primula, lily, forget-me-not, azalea, camellia, carnation, fuchsia, flowering cherry, narcissus, thistle and many more are now ready for immediate despatch to website buyers.

I hope you enjoy the wonderful floral creations that nature has presented to us every spring and summer, I am sure that recipients of these lovely cards (and the messages inside!) most certainly will.


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